Bass Clef Euphonium Solo Book pdf


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The Bass Clef Euphonium Solo Book is an A4 size pdf download (3 MB).  It has a colour front and back cover and twenty black and white pages.  It contains the illustrated story and the instrumental arrangement of A Wizard in the Kitchen for bass clef euphonium with indications of the count-ins.

The book has two accompaniment options and is compatible with the arrangement for trombone solo:  it can be accompanied with its respective piano accompaniment book (the piano accompaniment for trumpet in Bb and euphonium – this option will also need the Narrator’s Book) or it can be accompanied by its respective mp3 backing track (the backing track for trumpet in Bb, euphonium and trombone).  A video version of the book is available.  Please note that there is also a solo book for trumpet in Bb, horn in Eb and treble clef euphonium /tuba in Eb.

The book can be read digitally or printed.  For advice on printing your pdf, please right click on the link here and select ‘Open link in new tab’.