Printing Your PDF

While the pdf books can be read digitally, they can also be printed out.

All the pdf files present a complete book including colour front and back covers.  We suggest that they are printed as follows:

  1. Print the colour covers, i.e. the first and last pages, on two separate sheets of paper.
  2. Leaving the blank page after the front cover and the blank page before the back cover, print the remaining ‘body’ of the book in black and white.  In order to keep the left/right layout, print the pages back to back:  starting at page three, print out the odd numbered pages first, each on its own piece of paper, and then, starting at page four,  print the even numbered pages on the reverse sides so that page four is printed on the reverse side of page three and page six is printed on the reverse side of page five etc…  This will ensure that the even numbered pages are on the left hand side when the book is opened.
  3. Insert the black and white ‘body’ of the book between the front and back colour covers.