Piano Accompaniment for Trumpet in Bb and Euphonium Solo pdf



The piano accompaniment for the A Wizard in the Kitchen trumpet in Bb and euphonium solo is a size A4 pdf with a colour cover and twenty eight black and white pages.  It is 5MB approx.

The book contains the full score: a piano accompaniment showing the solo part and the narration.  The solo part and the narration are available as separate books.  All three performers will need some practice when at first trying to fit their parts together but this should be an enjoyable part of the project.

The story and music flow as presented on the page.  Where music and narration happen together the text is placed underneath the score.  Where text is written underneath the score it is meant as a rough guide to where the narration needs to begin and end rather than an attempt to match music and words perfectly together.  There are several places where the pianist needs to count-in the soloist.  These are indicated next to the musical cues and match the woodblock count-ins of the alternative backing track/video.

Although the book can be read digitally it will almost certainly need to be printed out.  For advice on printing your pdf, please right click on the link here and select ‘Open link in new tab’.